Slapdash Podcast


December 28, 2019
Shannon and Jason record their first podcast episode
(LEFT: Jason Creekmore; RIGHT: Shannon Deaton)
Shannon and Jason are two college professors with a passion for teaching and learning. Following a serendipitous phone conversation in August 2019, the two found they shared an interest in podcasting and needed an exciting new hobby. Thus, “slapdash” was born.
The word “slapdash” is a fitting title for the podcast, as the team dedicates a few hours per week to studying, preparing, and then producing episodes over new and classic topics in history, science, and art. Once the episode is produced, the hosts “slap” the episode down and “dash” off to the next.
As former classroom teachers in social studies and English, Shannon and Jason have spent their lives studying the world and educating others. The “slapdash” podcast is the next evolution of this passion for learning about and sharing the world with others.

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